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Healthy Employees, Healthy Company

The current economic situation compels businesses to limit costs via any possible method. Eliminating employee health insurance has become a common way for companies to reduce spending. According to an article published in the Santa Monica Daily Post, “small businesses pay 18 percent higher health insurance premiums than large businesses, as well as higher administrative costs.” On average, a business can save $3,000 per employee if they do not offer insurance plans.

So what about the small business owners? What about companies that are struggling to survive to the next quarter? Cutting health insurance plans seem like a logical expenditure cut. These plans are not required for the company to operate. Besides, employees can obtain their own source of health insurance.

However, the ethical side must be considered. Many people believe that providing health insurance to employees is an ethical action. For one, it guarantees their family health insurance while they still work at this job. Every person should have the right to seek quality medical assistance when required.

Personnel might view employers who do not offer health insurance plans as uncaring and cheap. In addition, any job that comes with a health insurance plan becomes more attractive. This can draw more skilled workers to your small business. The video below describes some of the conditions small businesses must meet to qualify for health insurance plans.

Many people struggle to find affordable health insurance when not offered by their employer. Health insurance has become a necessity to afford quality treatment for emergencies, vaccinations, or annual check-ups. For a small business, dedicated employees are the most valuable asset. How much would you pay to protect your most important assets?

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Culture of Ethics

“If ethics are poor at the top, then behavior is copied down through the organization” – Robert Noyce, Inventor and “Mayor of Silicon Valley”

In the competitive market, making a profit and expanding a company is becoming increasingly difficult. Many executives act with only growth, profit, and success in mind. This limited focus often results in unethical actions, which significantly harms public appearance.

Why has it come to this? A company can only act ethically if all employees believe in a strong culture of ethics. And yet today, many top executives blatantly ignore these values all to make that extra dollar.

I’m not saying that striving for a profit is a bad thing; that defeats the purpose of a business. However, this pursuit must be done with companies aligning their actions with strong ethics. Dr. Charles Kerns, professor at the Graziadio School of Business and Management, suggests the following formula to help a company practice strong ethics: Virtuous Values + Aligned Action + Behavioral Standards/Codes = Increased Ethical Behavior (see more detail about this at

The pursuit of wealth affects customers, laborers, and competitors on a daily basis. Practicing business in an ethical manner allows companies to form stronger trust with each other, public appearance to be positive, and for overall business to grow and prosper. This can be done by not attempting to deceive customers about products, honestly reporting profits, and not abusing labor, such as sweat shops. This attitude must be encouraged by executives of a company to ultimately create a culture of ethics. Here is a video that explains some other situations and ethical responses:

How can your company create a culture of ethics?

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Welcome to the New Growth

Welcome to Growing a Business, a professional blog by Thomas Pigeon. This blog will examine common situations and impacts regarding internal business development in context of business ethics. Comments and conversation will allow for new ideas and strategies to increase ethical actions in the business world.

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